The Nougat



The nougat of Modica is an explosion of genuine tastes and flavours, made by the skilled Sicilian confectioners with local ingredients and great passion. A story to tell thet it is worth living.

The Modican nougat, in Sicilian language called minnulàta or cobàita, is one of the most authentic flavours of Sicilian gastronomy, although it has Arab origin (qubbiat, namely with almonds). It is a mix of tradition and cultural identity, tied to a past marked by various dominations and different cultures which alternated over the centuries, thus creating unique and inimitable flavours.

The cobaita, rectangular or diamond-shaped, is a crunchy nougat made with honey, sesame seeds, almonds and orange peel. The recipe consists of all local ingredients: the sesame, grown in the province of Ragusa, or the excellent thyme, almond and citrus honey of the Iblei mountains. Without forgetting the real queens of this area, the almonds, as Sicilian as oranges are.

The secret, for ensuring a good cooking, is the correct balance of the temperature: the honey must caramelize without burning, thus being absorbed by the other ingredients. A triumph of scents and flavours.

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