The Modica Chocolate conquers Palermo


Modica chocolate conquers the palate of the great public in Palermo on the occasion of "Sherbeth", the International Festival of Artisan Gelato held in Palermo from 27 to 30 September. An open-air laboratory, which has unveiled the secrets of the cold dessert with 50 master ice-cream makers from all over the globe who have their creativity in perfect respect for quality and craftsmanship. Among the excellences have issued all, as it was obvious that happen, Modica chocolate and homemade ice cream with chocolate of Modica, respectively represented by "Siculìa" Modica chocolate sponsor of the event and "Tasta" Peppe Flamingo.

During a participated show cooking the master chocolate maker Peppe Stracquadanio, illustrated the process for the realization of the chocolate of Modica, in this case "Siculìa", literally catalyzing the attention of the public present who also had the opportunity to taste the delicacy of chocolate that has inebriated the heart of the city with its flavor and color.

The event was attended Unless Peluso in his capacity as Chairman and legal representative of the Modica chocolate Consortium, which in the context of the Palermo event was present with a stand of promotion and enhancement of the product and the association of dealers Modica, with its President Giorgio Moncada. A valid institutional and productive representation of the city of Modica that has played a very important and concrete role in the promotion of our chocolate.

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