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the nougat

almond nougat and "cubaita"


The almond nougat, in Sicilian language called “minnulata”, is made with caramelised almonds. It’s a delicacy with very ancient origins which has crossed centuries and borders becoming, thanks to the Arabs who brought it in Sicily, a “masterpiece” of Sicilian confectionery. It is widespread in Sicily and largely consumed in the Christmas period and during popular events (available for purchase from curbside vendors).
Few ingredients for a crunchy taste: toasted almonds and honey.
The Cubaita is made with honey, sugar and sesame, rectangular or diamond-shaped. It is also typical in the Christmas period and, just like the almond nougat it has Arab origin: in fact, it’s also known as giuggiulena, a word coming from the Arabic “giolgiolan”. Delicious but hard, it is advisable to melt in the mouth.

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